Finding Inspiration Through Street Art, 3D Glasses, and a Mexican Artist

3Doodler partners with artist Ricardo Martinez to explore street art, 3D glasses, and a late Mexican artist!

Gnome for the Holidays

Celebrate the season and create a holiday gnome with a 3Doodler 3D printing pen, colorful eco-friendly plastic, and our step-by-step tutorial!

Crafty Ideas to Rule Your Room

It’s that time of year when college students head back to campus and deck out their dorm rooms with a goal of maximizing space and making it feel like home.

DIY Projects For Wedding Season

It's wedding season! With this comes traveling to places near and far to celebrate a friend's special day, or you might even be prepping for your own big day. Whatever the case, we're here to provide you with some fun and crafty ideas that will keep you creating this season.

Spooktacular Doodle Ideas Using Your 3D Pen

By customizing your costume, you can add a bit of unique flair that is either scary, funny, or sweet that will show off your style.

Oh, My Stars! Decorating Your Space with…Space!

For the nights when you can't get outside, why not decorate your space with an out-of-this-world galaxy of your own design?

Stellar 3D Pen Projects for STEM Day!

Foster curiosity, visual thinking, and creative design with these easy 3D printing pen projects for STEM Day!

Meet the 3Doodler PRO+. Superior Performance. Elevated Design.

The 3Doodler PRO+ is the essential 3D printing solution for creative professionals ready to illustrate and share their latest designs, inventions, and solutions.

Creepy Costume Ideas with Create+

Halloween may look different this year, but we can still have fun by dressing up! Whether your Halloween personality is scary, funny, or sweet, making your own costume is one of our favorite parts of this occasion.

Frightfully Fun K-8 3D Pen Creations

Costumes can be frightful or fun and we’re all about lending a bit of 3D design to each and every one. Kids enjoy developing their own ideas for spooky, scary, or silly Halloween creativity, so encourage them to explore with a few projects to spark the imagination.

Hybrid Learning in 3D!

Now you can bring learning to life in 3D from anywhere with our updated Learning Packs and Learn From Home Sets.

Extend Learning With Free Resources

We know how valuable ready-to-go learning activities are. That’s why we have so many available for free, just for you.

Teacher Tips: Preparing for the New School Year

Planning and prepping for back to school can seem daunting, even to long-serving educators. That’s why we’ve compiled a few helpful tips, including tips for remote learning, hacks for organization, and engaging lessons you can kick off your first week of school with.

Holiday Doodles for Kids and Adults

We have compiled some easy holiday projects to help you get into the holiday spirit. So whether you’re a student, teacher, or parent, it’s time to get those 3D pens out and have some festive fun with our activities.

Giving in 3D: Make Picture Books Accessible with 3Doodler and Build a Better Book

With 3Doodler pens, it is possible to bring these remarkable illustrations to those who have never seen them before.

STEM Challenge: This International Cat Day, Curiosity Doesn’t Kill the Cat

We have what purr-haps may be the most fun and engaging STEM challenge of all time for International Cat Day

How To Draw In 3D with a 3D pen

How do you make 3D objects with 3Doodler? The most obvious answer is to Doodle freehand in the air. We'll show you how!

Simple 3D Pen DIY Halloween Costume Ideas For Adults

Try out these easy-to-make DIY 3D printed Halloween costume ideas for affordable, fantastic-looking outfits!

Hot Tip
Doodle Surfaces

The surface you Doodle on will affect the look of the plastic once you pull it away from the surface. Experiment with different materials to see what effects you get. Glass creates a smooth shiny finish; wooden surfaces actually leave an imprint of their shape and grain in the Doodle. Don't forget about the DoodlePad either, which gives a smooth finish and a surface to place on top of a stencil!

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Close-up: 3D pen art cake with sticks design

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