3Doodler Teams Up with DonorsChoose by Funding $100,000 of 3D Learning Projects!

3Doodler, makers of the world’s first 3D printing pen, has teamed up with DonorsChoose by funding $100,000 of 3Doodler pens and educational support material for teachers across America. Our Match Offer is available to teachers in need at all public and public charter schools, whether you’re teaching remotely, in class, or some hybrid of both.

To celebrate World Teachers’ Day, we’re giving educators access to the high-quality tools they both want and need in an effort to boost their students’ creative thinking and hands-on learning. Teachers are currently navigating unprecedented challenges, and we want to make it easy for them to secure the supplies they need for in-person, remote, and hybrid learning opportunities this year.


“Even under the most challenging circumstances, teachers are demonstrating their commitment to educating students and we want to be in a position to support them along the way,” said Daniel Cowen, President at 3Doodler. “By partnering with DonorsChoose, 3Doodler is empowering teachers to have students apply their knowledge through 3D design, problem-solving and critical thinking. While it may not be the school year we expected, we are ensuring all learners have an opportunity to create in 3D with tools designed for a variety of learning environments.”

3Doodler EDU Start and Create+ Learning Packs will reach students in elementary, middle, and high schools with solutions for in-person, remote, and hybrid learning. 3Doodler EDU Learning Packs are designed for grades K-12 with a choice of 3D pens in quantities of 6 or 12. Updated for the 2020/2021 school year, our Learning Packs now include Challenge Card activities of varying difficulty levels for open-and-go projects, as well as washable storage pouches.

“Students in my classroom are attentive and engaged when they have their 3Doodler pens in hand,” said Ellen Peterson, STEM educator. “3Doodler tools are easy for teachers to use and great for students to experience project based learning with plenty of materials to keep learning fun and engaging whether working on a science project or demonstrating reading comprehension.”

Teachers have access to hours of lessons, activities, and project tutorials that bring science, technology, engineering and math to life for every student. 3Doodler Start and Create+ pens are an ideal entry point to 3D printing and extremely easy to use without any complex hardware or software. Students can design and build working models of real-world mechanisms to better understand how they work and master tough concepts. In addition, 3Doodler offers a free mobile app to access the latest classroom resources designed for flexible learning.

3Doodler will match the first $50,000 donated to STEAM projects including 3Doodler EDU Start Learning Packs and Create+ Learning Packs. To see projects requesting 3Doodler items, visit DonorsChoose.

If you know a teacher interested in 3Doodler’s educational tools and materials, including the 3Doodler Start Learning Packs in quantities of six or twelve or 3Doodler Create+ Learning Packs in quantities of six or twelve, have them visit DonorsChoose to post a project today!

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