5 Beach Craft Projects Your Family Will Love!

Sun’s out, fun’s out! Nothing beats a sunny day at the beach with your family and friends. We’re adding to the fun with these beach craft projects, designed to help you decorate, fix, and create your very own beach essentials. Some of these projects are perfect for capturing those terrific summer memories, and can be displayed in your home all year round.

1. Beach Sand Molds

This project is simple enough for kids to do themselves, but adults are welcome to challenge themselves with more detailed designs too.

Print out this stencil or draw your own (think emojis, monsters, unicorns). Doodle over it, adding ridges along the outlines to create finer details.

Take them to the beach and make the most unique prints in the whole beach!

Download Stencil

  • Press your finger on the Start plastic as you Doodle, for a smoother and faster finish.

  • After filling in the design, create a protruding ridge by Doodling along the lines a few times.

2. Sunglasses Strap

Never lose your sunglasses again with this super practical and stylish DIY project.

What’s great about this project is that you can design your strap to suit your style, so whether you prefer black and chic, or playfully colorful, the choice is yours.

Watch our Video Tutorial and follow through step by step to make your own.

Watch Tutorial


3. Summer Vibe Pins

Deck out your favourite beach bags, hat and clothes with these summery Pinterest-worthy Pins!

Print out this stencil, or go truly personal by sketching your own designs. Use clear tape to cover over your design, then Doodle on top.

Once the plastic has hardened, peel off your design and attach a pin to the back by Doodling. Your pin game is on point!

Download Stencil


4. Seashell Doodles

Kids love to bring home seashells of all shapes and sizes. Now you can transform them into adorable creatures or build a whole town to tell a story!

Use the 3Doodler Start Pen to Doodle directly onto the seashell. You can add a head, eyes, legs, skin texture, the only limit is your imagination!

This is a very fun project to do with your kids, and you’ll be surprised by all the creative ideas they come up with.

  • Gather shells of varying shapes and sizes for a more challenging and interesting collection.

5. Beach Gear Fix-it Hack

Sometimes we forget that the 3Doodler Pen is not just great for Arts & Craft projects, it’s also a fantastic tool for fixing things!

Whether it’s fixing worn and torn sandals, replacing a missing adjustment buckle on your goggles, or filling in a crack of a broken beach shovel, this versatile pen will do the trick.

  • Be careful which surface you use the pen on, some materials may be dangerous when melted by the tip of the pen.

  • Test out which of our 3Doodler plastics stick best to the surface before you start your fix.

Making your own beach crafts with a 3Doodler Pen? Share your project with us, we’d love to see it!

Happy Doodling!

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