3D Build & Play: New 3D Printing Tool for Ages 4+

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Bring new adventures to life with the 3D Build & Play!

Designed for children as young as 4, the 3D Build & Play by 3Doodler is a tactile learning tool that enables kids to create in 3D. Encourage imaginative play with hands-on learning to build fine motor skills and literacy through storytelling. Children will gain confidence using technology and receive early exposure to STEM.

With 3D Build & Play, young users create 3D characters, like Jim the Giraffe and Elle the Elephant, and read a story featuring them and all of their animal friends. Throughout the story, children use the 3D characters they made and the included story backgrounds to interact with the exciting tale. Once the storybook ends, kids have the opportunity to take Jim the Giraffe and his friends on a new adventure, crafted solely from their imaginations.

"“We loved using the 3D Build & Play to encourage new ways of learning to read. The best early stage learning is embedded in fun, play and creativity.”
"-New York City Public Library, Early Literacy Specialist Share

3D Build & Play is a fun developmental tool that enhances critical thinking, problem solving, and tactile learning. Get ready to build and play!

What story backgrounds would your child use to create their own tales? Share your ideas for us to consider when we’re creating new adventures and story backdrops!

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3D Build & Play

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