Meet the 3D Build & Play Characters

Build & Play

3D jungle pals are ready for adventure!

The 3D Build & Play allows you to create beloved story characters in 3D, then take them on fun and exciting adventures you imagine. Get ready to build, play, and bring stories to life, all while enhancing fine motor skills and building confidence in STEM!

Jim the Giraffe

Jim the Giraffe lives in the jungle with his friends, and has a very long neck he uses to eat snacks from the tops of trees. He loves going on adventures with his buddies, and can’t wait for the next journey.

Elle the Elephant

Elle the Elephant likes to stomp her feet on the ground and toot her long trunk. She loves to play in the mud to cool off, and have fun outside with her friends.

Leo the Lion

Leo the Lion loves to roar very loudly and lay in the sunshine. He likes prowling around in the jungle and scratching his claws on trees. He’s a fearsome friend and always ready for adventure.

Pete the Parrot and Kate the Crocodile

Pete the Parrot flaps his wings to fly high into the sky. He has a great view from the tree tops. Kate the Crocodile likes to snap her teeth and swim in the jungle’s rivers.

Included in the 3D Build & Play set are 2 story backgrounds, one to tell stories that take place in the jungle, and one for journeys into the big city. Follow along with our story in the activity guide to take Jim the Giraffe and his pals on an exciting tale, then guide them on new adventures with more free downloadable story backgrounds. To take your stories to the next level, see our tip on how to create stop motion videos of your characters.

What stories do you want to take your jungle friends on next? Let us know by sharing on social media.

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