Pastel Perfection


Last year we went bold and bright with our four Create colors. For 2017, we decided to go a different route.

With a perfectly pastel palette, our brand new Create colors are designed for those who prefer subtlety and sophistication to match their creative personalities.

Back in Blue

Cold winter weather is no reason to feel blue, especially with our new Powder Blue 3Doodler Create! Soft and subtle, this new color is perfect for daydreaming of clear spring skies to let your imagination soar.

Blue is constantly one of our most popular colours, and we have a full range of shades in our store to keep you Doodling:

PLA Clearly Teal,PLA TealTastic, PLA Island Blue, PLA Baby Blue, PLA Clearly Blue, PLA Blue Steel, PLA Royal Blue, ABS Grand Bleu, ABS Totally Teal, ABS Lagoon Blue, FLEXY Aqua

Get a Rosy Outlook

We know all that glitters isn’t gold, but our new Rose Gold pen will have you Doodling your own creations worth more than any shiny metals. Match all your accessories with the most popular color of the season!

Want to create Doodles that will tickle you pink? Check out these shades available from our store:

PLA Cotton Candy Pink, PLA Pink Flamingo, PLA Luscious Lilac, PLA Clearly Pink, ABS Hot Pink

Take the Hint

Green is great with our new Hint of Lime Create. Whether you’re dreaming of spring or looking for a color choice to reflect your environmentally-friendly outlook, this pastel green pen is perfect for making a statement.

Check out these complimentary shades of plastic from our store for Doodles that will make others green with envy:

PLA Practically Pistachio, PLA Clearly Green, PLA Greener Grass, PLA Rainforest Green, PLA Minty Fresh, ABS Grrreally Green, ABS EverGreen, FLEXY Aqua

Butter Makes it Better

If you’re looking for a pen to match your sunny disposition, or a personality as sweet as sugar, look no further than our new Butterscotch Create! Show off your shining personality as you Doodle happily away.

Make your Doodles match in mellow yellow or glittering gold with this selection from our store:

PLA Clearly Yellow, PLA Radioactive Yellow, PLA French Vanilla, PLA Rubber Ducky Yellow, PLA Gangsta Gold, ABS Super Yellow, ABS Sunnyside Yellow, FLEXY Yellow


Be sure to show us your Doodles, creative spaces, and how your 3Doodler reflects your personality by tagging us @3Doodler and using #3Doodler and #WhatWillYouCreate

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