Can I reuse or recycle 3Doodler plastic?

Please do not reinsert extruded filament back into any pen. We have, however, seen users make magnificent artwork from plastic scraps, so you can save them for a project like that! Note that the filaments listed below are able to be recycled or composted.

Start Plastic Filament: All 3Doodler Start Eco-Plastic are eco-friendly, biodegradable and non-toxic. They can be composted in your backyard!

Create+ Plastic Filament: ABS and PLA are recyclable (number 7 recyclables). PLA and Wood are compostable in industrial composters.

PRO+ Plastic Filament: Nylon and Metal are recyclable (number 7 recyclables). Wood filament is compostable in industrial composters.


Category: General Plastics & Accessories

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