Drawing 3D Art with a 3D Pen

So you might be asking yourself, what can I make with a 3D pen? Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Design & Personalize

Are crafting and decorating your creative passions? You’ve come to the right place. These powerful little pens can be used to spruce up your pad, or add some flare to your next big project. Take a boring bookend and transform it into something fun, make your own coasters, or Doodle an entire vase! Personalizing objects is a great way to give new life to them. Whether it’s adding to an existing object, making it from scratch, or creating one of a kind gifts, if you can imagine it, you can most likely make it with a 3D pen.

Make Art

Whether it’s an abstract 3D painting, a true-to-life sculpture, or hanging art, you can use your 3Doodler to make unique masterpieces. With tons of colors of plastic to choose from, and changeable nozzles, the possibilities are staggering. You can even go “mixed media” like Niki.

Design Wearables

Are you looking for a better way to visualize your ideas in 3D, or simply create some last minute earrings in that matching color? 3D pens allow you to do just that. While not as impressive as Patrick’s modernist dresses, or Eden’s lingerie, one of our founders even Doodled himself some “emergency” cufflinks. Use our PLA plastic to make stunning floral earrings that will guarantee compliments!

Fix & Hack

We’ll never forget the day one of our customers wrote us to let us know he’d used his 3Doodler to fix the broken casing of his Dyson vacuum. Cool. That got us thinking (and experimenting). Broken scissors, lost Nespresso trays, cable ties, damaged plastic pipes, camera clips… the list goes on. If you love to DIY around the home, 3D pens are for you! This simple handheld tool gives you a quick and easy way to fix or make anything plastic on the go.

Play & Relax

Remember back in the day when doodling was fun? Well guess what, it still is. Grab a 3D pen and doodle whimsical characters, beautiful typography, an intricate pattern, and more, then peel it all off the page. And if anyone asks you why you’re doodling again, here’s a scientific fact you can throw their way! Research says that doodling can help you feel more calm, relaxed, and even happier. So sit back, let loose, have fun, and doodle away! 3D mandala anyone?

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Close-up: 3D pen art cake with sticks design

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