3D pen art: colorful paper animals and coffee

Brew-tiful Create+ Projects for International Coffee Day

Smell the aroma of creativity in the air.

We love a good cup o’ joe at 3Doodler, and in celebration of International Coffee Day, we have put some great projects together for you.

International Coffee Day, which falls on October 1st of this year, is a day for bringing coffee lovers together around the world in celebration of their love of java. We also honor and support the millions of farmers whose livelihoods depend on this miraculous bean. Be sure to visit the International Coffee Day website to learn more about how to support coffee farmers around the world, and take the #CoffeePledge.

Who needs cream when we have creativity?

Coffee and creativity are indeed the perfect blend, so we’ve put together a list of Create+ projects to give you that extra shot!

Two cups of coffee displayed in 3D pen art.

Sleeves for Your On-The-Go Sips

It’s as easy as instant coffee to make these coffee cup sleeves! Simply draw the design you want onto a paper to-go cup and Doodle away with FLEXY, ABS, WOOD or PLA. Once finished, shimmy your sleeve off for re-use, and drink your coffee in DIY style.

3D pen art: White coffee cup with red apple

Mug Decor for Your Coffee-Loving Teacher

But first, coffee. We all know that special teacher who is very enthusiastic about their morning boost. Use our special stencil to make them a memorable addition to their morning brew. They’ll think you’re as sweet as extra cream and sugar!

Small blue flower on green leaf, 3D pen art

Boho Coasters for Your Bean Brew

Need some coasters for your coffee table? Use our bohemian coaster stencil to add some practical flare to your home decor. These coasters will definitely be talking pieces for your guests!

Share your creative coffee accoutrements with us on social media!

We will appreciate it… a latte.

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Close-up: 3D pen art cake with sticks design

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