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Thanksgiving Cornucopia
Use this stencil to craft the perfect Thanksgiving Cornucopia centerpiece.
Chess Set
Use your 3Doodler to create a chess set.
STEAM Catapult
Get ready to launch things into the air with this desktop catapult stencil.
Candy Corn Ring
Use this stencil and your 3Doodler to craft a halloween candy corn ring. This simple accessory will have friends asking for one of their own!
Use this stencil to create a life-size bat! Perfect for scaring the unexpecting.
Use this stencil and some real pumpkins to Doodle your own mess-free Jack-O-Lanterns.
Creepy Ghost Decals
Create your own faBOOlous ghosts using this stencil & your 3Doodler 3D pen.
Around The Globe We Go
Create a globe using this stencil & 3Doodler 3D pen.
Potted Succulents
Make a potted succulent plant using this stencil & 3Doodler 3D pen.
DIY Ice Cream Cones
Use this stencil to make an ice cream cone using your 3D pen.
Play Pirate
Use this stencil to craft an eye patch and parrot using your 3D pen.
Wall Art 3D Pen Stencil
Use this stencil to create 3D wall art using your 3D pen.
Hand Crafted Tissue Box
Use this stencil and make a custom tissue box using your 3D pen.
Apple Stencil
Use this stencil and your 3Doodler 3D pen to create a 3D apple. 
Let’s Doodle a Burger
Use this stencil and your 3Doodler 3D pen to create a 3D burger.
Create some Shadow Puppets
Use this stencil and your 3Doodler 3D pen to create some shadow puppets.
3D Starfish
Use this stencil and your 3Doodler 3D pen to create a 3D starfish.
3D Rocketship
Use this stencil and your 3Doodler 3D pen to create a 3D rocketship.
Use this stencil and your 3Doodler 3D pen to create a 3D dreamcatcher.
Use this stencil and your 3Doodler 3D pen to create a 3D robot.
3D Seashell
Use this stencil and your 3Doodler 3D pen to create a 3D seashell.
Rainbow Flag
Use this stencil and your 3Doodler 3D pen to create a 3D rainbow flag.
Stylize your Bike
Use this stencil and your 3Doodler to decorate your bike.
Cicada Mania
Doodle your own Cicada with this stencil.
Space Decals
Doodle your own space decals with this stencil. Paint them and then use them to decorate the space around you!
Flipbook + Stand
Use this stencil to Doodle your own cartoon character for a flipbook.
Superhero Mask
Want to be a superhero? Use this template and your 3Doodler 3D pen to help complete your superhero costume!
Unicorn Headband
Life isn’t all rainbows and unicorns. But sometimes it is. Create your own unicorn alicorn headband with this template.
Planter Decor
Decorate your planters with 3D Doodles using these spring stencils.
Ruth Bader Ginsburg Collars
Here are three template stencils to our favorite RBG collars that you can print out and Doodle to create your very own jabot.
Dr. Seuss Thing 1 & Thing 2 Hairstyles
Celebrate Dr. Seuss and all of the whimsical fun he had with storytelling by creating unique, three-dimensional hairstyles for Thing One and Thing Two with this easy to follow stencil!
Transmission Tower
Tackle this engineering design challenge by Doodling a Power Transmission Tower using our easy to follow stencil.
Chinese New Year
Celebrate the Lunar New Year by creating your very own Ox with this easy to follow stencil.
New Years Bookmark
Celebrate the coming year by picking an inspiring book to start reading on New Years Day! Use our stencil to create a festive bookmark in your favorite colors.
New Years Cupcake Toppers
Add festive twist to your New Years Eve cupcakes with our celebratory cupcake topper stencils! 
Yule Goat
Small goats made of straw are one of the most popular Christmas decorations in Sweden. Get creative and Doodle your own Yule Goat with this stencil.
Rudolph Reindeer
Enjoy a nostalgic holiday tradition and share the story of Rudolph complete with your own Doodled version of the world’s most famous reindeer. 
Hanukkah Menorah
The menorah, the Hebrew word for lamp, has nine branches, one for each night of the Festival of Lights, plus a shamash, which is lit first and then used to light the other candles.
Star Pendant & Star-Shaped Lantern
Create a 2D Star to hang in the window, or turn that into a 3D Star Lantern. 
Doodle the flower that's actually a leaf with our easy-to-follow stencil.
Holiday 3D Stamps
Use our festive stencil to create 3D stamps that are perfect for stamping cookies, clay, and more!
Shooting Star Tassels
Make your own dreamy shooting star tassel to decorate your Christmas tree, hang in your bedroom, or even wear as earrings!
Fall Themed 3D Stamps
Perfect for festive fall cookies or even stamping clay, these stamp stencils will help you bring autumn to life in 3D!
Valë Bracelet
Fashion designer Stéphanie Santos designed this minimalistic bracelet and made a stencil so you can create one for yourself!
Geometric Animals
Doodle the outline of your favorite animals, tie a string to the top, then hang them on your plants, windows, or even make your own baby crib mobile.
Geometric Coasters
Add some colorful DIY flair to your next tea party by Doodling your own geometric animal head coasters.
Paper Crane Earrings
Cranes represent peace and longevity. Add a tassel to make these crane earrings look like they are floating gracefully as they hang from your ears.
Doodled “Paper Crane”
Use this stencil to create your very own Doodled paper crane! You can create it in any color, or even in multiple colors.
Erica’s “Swamp Thing”
Be the coolest ghoul this season with our DIY "Swamp Thing" mask designed by artist Erica Gray!
City Backdrop
Though this isn't a stencil, this printable city background will serve as a bustling stage to play along with your Doodles!
Beach Backdrop
While not a stencil per se, this beach background is the perfect sunny background to compliment your Doodles.
Space Backdrop
While not exactly a stencil, this stellar space background will help you blast off into your imagination by adding scenery for your far out Doodles!
Jungle Backdrop
This this cool printable background isn't a stencil, but it will serve as a wild stage to to play along with your Doodles!
Carnival Backdrops
Though not a stencil, you can print this fun carnival story background to bring your Doodles to the circus!
Puppy Earphones Wrap
Organize your earbuds with your very own handmade puppy headphones holder!
Geometric Hearts
Create your own 3D geometric heart in your favourite color and style.
3D Heart Garland
Here's a special Valentine's Day 3D Heart Garland for your loved one!
Glass Charms
Need to keep track of your drink at a social gathering? Have fun Doodling your own DIY colored charm to ensure you only sip from your glass! Use our free stencil to start creating.
2020 Glasses Stencil
We’ve made a special stencil just for 2020, which can be made with any of our 3D pens. Rock these 2020 glasses to launch the New Year in style!
Pittsburgh Fort Pitt Bridge
The Fort Pitt Bridge is a steel, double-decked bowstring arch bridge that crosses the Monongahela River. Now go doodle it.
Perfect Pinecones
Recreate these beautiful pinecones designed by the amazing Grace Du Prez! Follow easy stencils and attach them to a hoop to make a delightful holiday door wreath or display a few in a bowl all year round.
Decorative Trees
Doodle your own collection of simple decorative trees. Use different shades of wood filaments for a more interesting texture.
Wooden Bowls
Doodle your own unique, eco-chic looking bowls. Perfect for storing jewelry, accessories and other bits and bobs.
Vintage Puppets
Handcraft your own vintage puppets in different shades of wood filament!
Rowing Boats
Doodle your own little rowing boats with wood filaments.
Rocking Chair
Design your own miniature rocking chair. Use different shades of wooden filament for extra accuracy.
Simple Holidays Ornaments
These modern-looking ornaments are great for Doodlers of any level. Simply trace over the outline of any shape from this stencil to make a frame.
Christmas Gift Tags
Add a heartwarming touch to your Christmas gifts this year with a personalized gift tag! Pick out your loved one’s favorite holiday object (ginger-bread man, mistletoe, angel, etc.), outline the shape with your 3Doodler pen, write their name in the center, and Doodle to fill up the rest of the shape. Add a loop to the top of the tag to finish.
Mini Christmas Trees
Make these adorable mini trees to decorate your mantelpiece or dining table! Print out this Christmas Tree stencil and make your own set of trees in minutes! Add tiny ornaments to dress it up any way you like.
Christmas Wreath
Get in the spirit of the season with a creative project that brings a holiday touch to your home decor. Celebrate winter with a welcoming wreath that’s easy to customize and can dress up any door, wall, or cozy fireplace.
Just print out this stencil, trace over it with your 3Doodler Start pen, add a loop to one end, and thread a ribbon through. Hang them up to give your home that beautiful wintery vibe.
Halloween Headbands
Print these stencils & Doodle your own cute unicorn, arrowhead or flying bats headband.
Creepy Crawly Pins
If you don’t want to dress up but would still like some element of Halloween on you, this project is perfect for you! Decorate your plain t-shirt or hat with creepy spiders, cockroaches and other scary bugs.
Floral Earrings Stencil
Doodle your own stunning floral earrings. Check out the different styles on our tutorial page and follow along.
Wedding Cake Topper
Having trouble finding your dream wedding cake topper? This project requires no artistic skills, yet gives you something that looks so good your guests will think it was professionally made.
Photobooth Props
Your guests are going to love crowding around the photo booth area with these striking 3Doodled props.
Wedding Place Cards
An alternative to traditional paper place cards, these Love Doves will allow you to get creative and display an elegant addition to your wedding centerpieces.
Beautiful Orchids
Because nothing is more heartwarming than handmade flowers. Show appreciation for loved ones with beautiful Doodled orchids. They will be treasured forever!
Lotus Light
Set a zen mood in your abode with our lotus light stencil.
Cord Holder
Use our practical cord holder stencil and some FLEXY filament to organize your cables... in style.
Fabric Prints
Add a custom touch to any piece of fabric by making your very own fabric stencils.
V-Twin Engine
Make a model of a V-Twin engine using our simple stencil. Yes, it really cranks!
Use this stencil to create a helicopter with moving rotor blades.
Wine Holder
Deliver your next wine gift in a handmade wine holder, made with FLEXY filament. It’s guaranteed to wow all who behold it!
Pot Pourri Holder
Add an elegant touch to your home with our lavish pot pourri holder stencil. The Doodle is sure to be a talking piece!

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