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3Doodler Start: Desktop Gremlin

  • 20 Minutes
  • Beginner
Guard your desk with a group of adorable Doodled gremlins! Organize your stationary and office supplies and keep your desk clean with these helpful Doodled gremlins. Customize them with your favorite colors or add other Doodled details to make them your own, and give some personality and creativity to your office space!
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What You'll Need

1 Pick Up Ping Pong

Get started by using your ping pong ball as a mold! Doodle a line around the middle of the ball, and work your way toward one end to create a semi-sphere.

Tip: Smooth the plastic with your fingers as you go to make a more solid form.

2 Come Full Circle

Leaving a little space, Doodle another semi-sphere on the other side of the ping pong ball.

3 Pop Goes The Ping Pong Ball

Use the file from your nail clippers to slide around the inside of your semi-spheres and pop them off your ping-pong ball. They should come off easily once they're a little loose!

4 When Two Become One

Slide one end of one semi-sphere into the other to create an open mouth shape, and Doodle them securely in place.

5 Play Tooth Fairy

Give your gremlin some teeth to defend your prize possessions! Doodle a bit of white along the mouth and shape each tooth into a triangle with your fingers.

6 The Eyes Have It

Add eyes with circles of white. Let the plastic build up, and then smoosh it into place with your fingers.

7 Devilish Details

For stability, give your gremlin some horns to help him stand upright. You want your horns to support your gremlin by touching the table and keeping the mouth open at the right angle.

8 Customize With Color

Add a pop of complementary color to your gremlin by adding detail to the eyes, nose, and horns. Add some little spikes down the middle for extra ferocity! Just Doodle a bit of plastic, and shape it into a spike with your fingers.

9 Head To Foot

Give your gremlins a leg to stand on by adding little feet to the bottom. Give your gremlins 3 toes, 5 toes, or as many as you like!

10 Tooth To Toenails

Add the finishing details by giving your gremlins fearsome claws! Doodle a bit of white plastic onto the end of each toe, and shape the nail into a point with your fingers.

11 Your Gremlin Is Good To Go!

Now you have your own little desk buddy to watch after anything you need!

Close-up: 3D pen art cake with sticks design

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