Handy Coin Purse

  • 20 Minutes
  • Beginner
Who doesn't love a Doodle that's both stylish and practical? Create yourself a nifty little coin purse that can stash all your extra change. Pick your favorite FLEXY strand colors and make your pouch match your personality!

1 Start Tracing

Pick out your FLEXY plastic colors and print out the coin purse stencil. Start Doodling by tracing over all the shapes.

2 Get Edgy

Peel off all the Doodled shapes from the surface. Fold the large cross-shaped piece, aligning two adjacent sides and mend the edges together.

3 Shape It Up

Follow the same technique with all four edges, creating a cube-like container with a latch.

4 Combine the Lines

Take the two Doodled straps and join them together to form a single line.

5 Attach To The Latch

Thread about half an inch of the strip through the middle of the latch. Doodle on top to hold it in place.

6 Stash Your Cash

Your perfect little purse is ready to be filled!