Colorful 3D pen beach art with various objects.

Creativity Shines With Fun Summer Projects

Who’s ready to get creative this summer?

We’ve put together a list of our favorite summer themed projects from styling sandals to sand molds and more. Artistic projects with a 3D printing element engage kids and adults alike in design, collaboration, and critical thinking. Wherever you’re creating this summer get ready to pull out your 3Doodler Start and 3Doodler Create+ pens for a day of Doodling!

Projects for the 3Doodler Start (Ages 6-13)

Colorful beach hat on a giraffe with sunglasses - 3D pen art

Summer Vibe Pins

With these fun and easy DIY pins, you can add a splash of summer to hats, bags, jackets, or virtually any piece of fabric. See our free stencils and start creating!

Small 3D pen art sand with crab sculpture

Summer Sand Molds

Add a fun activity to your next beach trip with these DIY sand molds! Play in the sand and decorate the beach with sea creatures from your molds. They can also be used with clay! See our free stencil here.

Projects for the 3Doodler Create+ (Ages 14+)

3D pineapple in jar with green leaf

Upcycled Pineapple Jar

Are you pining for a fun way to store summer snacks? Our festive upcycled pineapple jar will add the perfect touch to your summer decor. All you need is a mason jar, a 3Doodler pen and our easy tutorial.

3D pen art: Pineapple design on flipflop sandals.

Festive FLEXY Flip Flops

Create a custom tropical touch to any pair of flip flops with this stellar summer stencil! Use our FLEXY filament to allow your sandals to bend and move with your feet on your serene summer strolls. Check out the stencil here.

Do you have amazing summer Doodles to share? Our community wants to be inspired by your unique creations! Please share them on social media and be sure to tag us.

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Close-up: 3D pen art cake with sticks design

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