3D pen art: Pineapple in jar with green leaf. | 3D Pen Tutorial

Upcycled Pineapple Jar

  • 30 Minutes
  • Beginner
Old jam jars and other glass containers piling up? Don't let them go to waste! Doodle some additions for a fruity flare and turn your trash into tropical treasure. Use your upcycled jars for doodled home decoration, creative and fun storage solutions, themed drinking glasses for your next summer party, or for hiding your secret candy stash in a stylish way.
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What You'll Need

1 Leaf It Alone

Draw a long pointed leaf shape on the paper. Using your DoodlePad, create 12 leaf pieces. Shape them with your fingers so they have different amounts of curve for when you layer them later on.

Tip: In the 18th century it was popular in the USA and England to rent a pineapple to display at a dinner party, to show off your wealth to your guests as pineapples were rare and costly fruit.

2 Build the Bunch

Attach the leaves to the lid of your container, starting with the straight leaves at the center. If your container has a metal lid, you may need to doodle lines that attach around the edge to keep your leaves in place.

Tip: It takes almost 3 years for a pineapple to fully mature.

3 Cap it Off

If you're using a mason jar or similar with a screw on attachment, carefully bend the leaves and add the screw on section over your lid.

Tip: Pineapples regenerate! You can plant the tops in soil and grow a new pineapple plant.

4 Diamonds

On your glass jar, draw slanted lines evenly spaced. Then cross them with slanted lines going the opposite way to create a diamond pattern. Use the masking tape to protect any areas of your container that you don't want to get plastic on (like the screw-on area for the lid).

Tip: Pineapples have an enzyme that breaks down proteins, making it great for tenderizing meat. It also makes them the only fruit that eats you (kind of) as you eat it!

5 Fill in your Fruit

Fill in the diamonds, building up more plastic in the center of each one to create texture and dimension.

Tip: Hawaii produces 1/3 of all the pineapples in the world.

6 All Done

You're finished! Attach your leafy lid to your pineapple jar, and you're ready to use your upcycled container with tropical flare.

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