Plastic dinosaurs standing in row, 3D pen art.

Day At The Museum!

As the summer marches on hanging around the house is probably starting to get a little boring. So why not plan a fun trip to the museum and then replicate what you saw and learned with your 3Doodler 3D pen at home!


Museums are wonderful places to learn about and explore our pasts. One pillar of science museums is their collection of dinosaur skeletons and other prehistoric artifacts.  As shown in The Night At The Museum dinosaurs always steal the show. These fossils help shed light on how the world once was. They also depict larger-than-life creatures that once ruled our earth.


Museums are not only places for entertainment and learning but also a place for discovery. Thanks to science museums from across the world, we know better than ever what dinosaurs look like, how they sounded, and what they did. The United States is home to some of the coolest science museums. Some of our favorites include – The Perot Museum, The Denver Museum of Nature & Science, and The American Museum of Natural History.

  • 3D pen art: T-Rex skeleton & people at museum
  • 3D pen art: Dino skeleton with man.
  • 3D pen art: Giraffes in a museum with animal designs

Bringing the Learning Home

Before or after your day at the science museum is where 3Doodler comes into play. Learn about what you have seen, or are going to see, by creating your own dinosaur skeletons! Use these stencils and tutorials to be your own paleontologist. If you love puzzles, you’ll love this week’s challenge of building dinosaur skeletons. Check out this video to learn about how dino bones are preserved over time while you create your own using your 3Doodler 3D pen.

Ig Brontosaurus


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