Brontosaurus skeleton in 3D pen art | 3D Pen Tutorial

Create your own Brontosaurus Skeleton!

  • 30 Minutes
  • Beginner
Spend a day at the museum learning all about dinos and where they came from. Then go home and doodle your own miniature versions! This is a great hands-on STEM activity for a summer day!
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1 Assemble your materials!

Gather together your 3Doodler, some plastic, the free stencil, and a DoodlePad.

2 Trace out the Bones

Using the stencil trace out all the bones you'll need to construct your dino. Using a DoodlePad will help speed up your Doodle process as you can doodle all of the multiple quantities prior to peeling them off the DoodlePad before you construct the skeleton itself.

3 Assemble the Ribs

After all the bones are doodled it's time to start constructing the body. We'll start with the ribs. After removing the backbone start placing the ribs along the hump on the backbone. Add additional plastic to the ribs to help them stick along the way.

4 Construct the hips and shoulders

After the ribs are in place it's time to work on the hips and shoulders. Using fresh plastic stick them onto the backbone on either side of the ribs.

5 Add the legs

After having doodled both the front and back legs it's time to get them ready to attach to the body. Go back over the legs to help reinforce any weak parts. After they are structurally sound, use fresh plastic to attach them to the skeleton at the hips and shoulders respectively.

6 Final Step - attach the head

Peel both halves of the head off the DoodlePad. Then using fresh plastic add both halves of the head together to create one complete head. Then with more plastic attach it to the top of the neck. And you're done!

Close-up: 3D pen art cake with sticks design

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