Blue bird, map, and 3D pen on table - artistic 3D pen drawing.

Hybrid Learning in 3D!

3Doodler Learning Packs and Learn From Home Sets offer hours of educational Doodling fun for any learning environment!

3Doodler’s Learning Packs and Learn From Home Sets will now include Challenge Cards featuring educational projects of varying difficulties, to build creative confidence and hands-on learning. To aid the transition back to school and prep for new hybrid learning environments, 3Doodler will also include easy-to-clean carrying cases that are perfect for storing a 3Doodler pen, Challenge Cards, as well as cables and plastic strands.

Child cutting paper with blue 3D pen

Learning Packs

With new and improved features, 3Doodler Learning Packs are an ideal solution for in-person, remote, or hybrid learning environments. Teachers and learners have access to free online resources including getting started guides, hundreds of stencils, lessonsvideo tutorials, and the 3Doodler app. Our 6-pen Learning Packs for Start and Create+ include 6 sets of 9 Challenge Cards and 6 storage pouches, while our 12-pen Learning Packs for Start and Create+ offer 12 sets of cards and storage pouches.

Creating 3D art with a 3D pen on paper

Learn From Home Sets

Our Learn From Home Sets enable kids from grades K-12 to explore difficult concepts hands-on in 3D for individualized learning. The Start Learn From Home Sets  (grades K-8) and the Create+ Learn From Home Sets (grades 8-12) each include a 3D pen, a DoodlePad, approximately 200 extra strands of plastic, storage pouch, a PDF of our What Will You Create Project Book, and a set of 9 Challenge Cards with educational projects that provide hours of fun.

What educational topics do you want learners to explore in 3D this school year? Our community of parents and educators want to know! Share your ideas on social media to spread the inspiration, and be sure to tag us.

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