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Ping Pong Safari

  • 20 Minutes
  • Beginner
Create a collection of your favorite animals in your own style! Go on a safari and doodle a whole herd, pack, or pride of the cutest animals imaginable. With a ping pong ball as a mold, you can doodle lions, tigers, and bears along with all your other favorite wild animals from all over the world. Learn how to create your own Ping Pong Safari Lion with our easy step-by-step tutorial below!
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What You'll Need

1 Start With A Circle

Using the beige eco plastic, start by doodling a line around the middle of your ping pong ball. Fill in one side of your ping pong ball by doodling around until you reach the end.

2 Switch Sides

Carefully doodle a line close to the edge of your first hemisphere, but not touching the edge. Fill in the other side of the ping pong ball.

3 Pop Goes The Ping Pong Ball

Doodle the two sides of your sphere together.

4 When Two Become One

Doodle the two sides of your sphere together.

5 Get A Leg Up

Doodle four circles on the bottom of your lion’s body, and build them up until they form short legs.

6 The Mane Attraction

With the orange eco plastic, doodle a line around the area you want for your lion’s face. Along that line, make squiggly little triangles. Let the plastic fall naturally for a messier look. Fill out the mane along the line.

7 All Ears

Doodle two small half circles and a little tail for your lion. Attach the ears to the top of the head in front of the mane, and attach the tail at the back.

8 The Eyes Have It

Create your lion’s eyes by letting plastic build up and then shape it carefully with your fingers. Use the white eco plastic first, and then the black.

9 Get Mouthy

Use the black eco plastic to build a small triangle for your lion’s nose, and an upside down Y shape for the mouth.

10 Pride And Joy!

Your little lion friend is ready to go on the prowl! Get creative and make all your favorite safari characters.

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