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Travel Pins Tutorial

  • 10 Minutes
  • Beginner
Show off your jet-set lifestyle with these monument pins from all over the world! Whether by bus, plane, train, or boat, we love to travel! And what better way to commemorate all the amazing places than by decorating with adorable Doodled mementos? From the pyramids of Giza to the Statue of Liberty, these monument pins from Power Doodler Connie give you a personal keepsake to remember your favorite places on earth.

1 Start With The Stencil

Connie's Travel Pins Template will get you started with some ideas for world-famous monuments! Lay your Doodle Pad on top, and you're ready to get Doodling. Choose the pins you want to make, and start by Doodling the outlines.

Tip: If you make more than one pin, Doodle them all at the same time – that’s the most efficient use of plastic and you won’t need to be changing colors as often!

2 Color Your World

Fill in the colors on your pins, one by one.

Tip: Use the dark colors first, then change gradually to lighter ones. Changing abruptly from dark to light colors takes longer and wastes more plastic.

3 Put A Pin In It

Use clear or matching colors to Doodle and attach a badge pin or safety pin to the back of your Doodled monuments.

4 Let Your Imagination Take Flight

Pin your Doodles to your favorite travel bag, and you're ready to go!

Tip: You can easily make your own customized travel pins – print out the flags of countries you’ve visited and Doodle them, or copy the shape of the country from a map! There's a whole world of possibilities!

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