3D Pen Sculptures with Ekaterina Vladimirovna: Creative Imagination and At-Home Education

Ekaterina Vladimirovna is a self taught artist who hails from Moscow, Russia. Her 3D pen sculptures are breathtaking, featuring webs of textures that create forms evocative of classical sculpture.

In addition to her accomplishments with the 3D pen for art, Ekaterina also integrates the 3Doodler pen into her homeschooling curriculum. In this interview, we discuss Ekaterina’s journey with the 3Doodler pen, the artists that influence her, and her experiences with 3D pens in at-home education.

Thank you for taking the time to meet with us, Ekaterina. Can you please introduce yourself?

Thank you for featuring me! I’m a stay-at-home mom with four children, and I am an at-home educator of mathematics and physics. My only artistic background is in interior design. At home, when I’m not homeschooling, I devote all of my free time to creativity. The 3Doodler pen is a much loved tool in our household.

Truly, you are a testament to the achievements someone can make in a short time just by reviewing our tutorials. Can you share more about your artistic process, as well as your inspirations?

I recently took up sculpture and learned how to Doodle with a 3D pen in about 6 months. I studied all of the 3Doodler tutorials and videos available on the 3Doodler website and YouTube, even before I got my 3D pen. By the time I picked up the 3Doodler pen, I already knew how to use it! My technique is to study first, then create. When I first held the 3Doodler in my hands, I immediately fell in love with the metal body, interchangeable nozzles, and also the foot pedal. 3D pens are powerful creative tools, and for me they are ideal for creating sculptures.

My inspiration is fueled by many wonderful 3Doodler masters, such as Heather Baharally, Grace DuPrez, Connie Doodles, Marc Buhren, Rachel Goldsmith, Kalpten Donmez, and Eden Saadon.

Do you have any suggestions for people new to Doodling?

For new users, I would recommend reviewing the Getting Started videos, and exploring the Hot Tips, which have great techniques for your projects. I personally studied all of the tutorials I could before I got my 3D pen, and reviewed them again once I was using the pen in real time. Practice Doodling with stencils to get used to the pen as an art medium.

For those who have an idea for a specific project, I suggest you imagine in detail how your Doodle will look once completed, then Doodle your dream into being. Create a custom stencil for your project, then build it up in 3D. Most importantly, look at the works of art that inspire you and learn from those pieces. Analyze the colors, shapes, and proportions.

Can you share some details about your experience using 3Doodler for at-home education?

For many reasons, my family chose homeschooling. I have been teaching my younger sons for 3 years. We are very pleased that this has become popular in Russia.

We have to meet various regulations for homeschooling, and the educational institution we homeschool through provides us with the necessary textbooks and online tests. I have the opportunity to regulate the pace of learning, which is fantastic.

We began using the 3Doodler pens about 7 months ago in our mathematics activities. Recently we studied area and perimeter, and used the 3Doodler lesson plan on that topic. We’ve also used the Doodle Place Value lesson, as well as the Comparing Numbers with Doodle Gator lesson.

Now the gator is hanging on our study board!

The artist Ekaterina Vladimirovna The artist Ekaterina Vladimirovna

I highly recommend using 3Doodler pens in at-home education because they are great tools for keeping students engaged with the subject matter. 3D pens really make learning fun!

Does Ekaterina’s art and homeschooling inspire you? If so, you can find more of her creations on her website and Instagram.

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