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Quick, Creative Gift Ideas to Thank Your Teacher

Let creativity shine this Teacher Appreciation Week!

It’s been a challenging time for both students and teachers these past few months. As remote learning took center stage, teachers everywhere revisited lesson plans and identified unique ways to reach their students and keep them learning. Teachers are preparing the learners of today to be the leaders of tomorrow, and we are all so grateful for this gift they share with the world!

Take time this week and think about what your own teacher has meant to you. Consider a creative way to show your gratitude with a thoughtful gift that you can make. Thank a teacher in your life with these fun projects and create the perfect gift!

K-8th Grade

Two small stuffed animals: 3D pen art on table.

Desktop Goblins to Hold Office Bits and Bobs

3Doodler Start Project

Help your teacher organize their paperclips, rubber bands, and more with these adorable desktop goblins! Follow our easy tutorial for them here.

3D pen art: Bookworm toy with glasses on book

Bookworm Bookmark for your Teacher’s Current Read

3Doodler Start Project

Does your teacher love reading? Of course they do! Enhance their reading experiences by making the best bookmark they will ever have. Use our stencil to get started.

3Doodler: Romantic gift with heart-shaped box and pen

A Geometric Heartfelt Note of Gratitude

3Doodler Start or Create+ Project

Write a note of gratitude and gift it to your teacher in a handmade geometric heart. Simply the perfect gift for STEM teachers! Follow our tutorial here.

High School

3D pen art decorates white coffee mug with red apple

Coffee Cup Decor for the World’s Best Teacher

3Doodler Create+ Project

Who’s got the best teacher? You do! Create this heartwarming coffee mug decoration just for them. Use our free stencil to make it here.

3D pen art: Close-up of three glass candles with flower design. #Tiffanycandle

Custom Tiffany Candle Holders are the Perfect Gift!

3Doodler Create+ Project

Gift your teacher a handmade tiffany candle holder. Use our free stencils with Clear PLA plastics, or create your own custom designs to personalize it for your teacher! Use our free stencil to get started.

Do you have projects that you’ve made for your favorite teachers? Share them with us on social media!

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Close-up: 3D pen art cake with sticks design

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