How much use will I get out of a plastic strand?

One plastic strand stretches to a maximum of ten times its original length once extruded by the pen. Start Eco-plastic strands are 6 inches / 15 cm long, meaning you'll get around 60 inches / 150cm of Doodling. Create+ / PRO+ plastic strands are cut at 10 inches / 25cm in length, providing you with around 100 inches / 250cm of Doodling - allowing for hours of play in each pack! The exact length will depend on how fast you draw and how thick or thin the line of extruded plastic is. You can refer to our our Gallery here to see details of how many Eco-Plastic strands were used to complete various Doodles and Projects.

Category: General Plastics & Accessories
Close-up: 3D pen art cake with sticks design

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