Create Your Own 3D Flipbook

Have you ever wondered how cartoon animations were created? A flipbook is a great example of an early animation technique. It is a series of images that gradually change from one page to the next. When you flip through the pages, the images appear to move. But what is the 3D version of a typical flipbook? Let’s work together to find out!
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1 Assemble your materials!

Download our free stencil and make sure you have your 3Doodler Create+ Pen, plastic, and DoodlePad at the ready. You’ll notice that this stencil is a little bit different than some of the others you may be used to -- it will require you to create an original cartoon character!

2 Draw your cartoon in the stencil

Using a dark marker, draw a simple cartoon character in “stencil A.” Do not include facial expressions in this initial drawing -- these will come later -- but do make sure that the face of the character is large enough to accommodate facial expressions. April showers bring May flowers, so we decided to create a flower cartoon.

[proTip]For simplicity’s sake, don’t Doodle a background behind your character. However, make sure the cartoon attaches, somehow, to the border of the stencil.

3 Doodle (stencil A) & repeat six times

A traditional flipbook requires many drawings to create the illusion of movement. In order to replicate this in 3D, you’ll need to use your 3D pen and plastic to Doodle your drawing six times on your DoodlePad -- waiting for the plastic to harden after each Doodle before you peel it off.If you feel like doing more than 6, feel free. The more the better!

4 Add expressions to your drawings

Doodle any facial expressions you’d like your cartoon character to express. Make sure each expression is different to ensure that your flipbook is able to animate effectively.

5 Doodle the square background from (stencil B)

Once you’re happy with your cartoon character, it’s time to Doodle a solid backdrop that will provide the backdrop for your 3D flipbook. You can use the square from (stencil B) for sizing. We'll show you how to connect it to the stand that you'll Doodle in the next step.

If your cartoon Doodle was done in dark filament, we suggest using a white or other light color for the backdrop. If your cartoon Doodle was done in light filament, then a darker color for the backdrop will best suit you.

6 Doodle the stand and assemble (stencil B) and (stencil C)

Using your 3D pen and plastic, Doodle the hooks (stencil B) and the stand (stencil C) from your stencil. Assemble and connect all of the pieces of the stand, including the backdrop and hooks, using small amounts of extruded plastic to fuse the pieces together like "glue". The hooks and stand will hold your character Doodles and provide the backdrop for your 3D flipbook.

7 Add your character doodles to the stand

Hang each of the six doodles you created to the assembled stand. They should line up nicely so the flipbook looks streamlined and your cartoon character is the main focus.

8 Start flipping!

It's official. You have successfully assembled your 3D flipbook -- congratulations! Flip through each Doodle to see your cartoon character animate.

Close-up: 3D pen art cake with sticks design

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