3Doodler unicorn ears with colorful horn on plastic strands | 3D Pen Tutorial

Create a Unicorn Alicorn Headband

  • 20 Minutes
  • Beginner
Did you know that a unicorn’s magical horn has a special name? It’s called an alicorn. An alicorn also happens to be the name of the characters in My Little Pony that have both a unicorn horn and Pegasus wings. Whether you believe in the magic and mythology that unicorns have come to represent, or not, we’re looking forward to working together today to Doodle a unicorn headband. What will your unicorn horn look like? Check out this blog post for more ideas -- and don't forget to share your project on social media and tag us: @3Doodler #3Doodler #WhatWillYouCreate
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What You'll Need

1 Assemble your materials!

For this project, you’re going to need to find a few extra supplies, including a plain headband, some clear tape (to cover your stencil), scissors (to cut your stencil out), and some fun glitter (we used Mod Podge) - for extra pizazz! As always, make sure you have your 3Doodler pen and compatible plastic at the ready.

2 Cover the stencils in clear tape (optional), cut them out & assemble the horn

Cover Stencils A & B in clear plastic tape so that you can easily remove the paper cone from your Doodle once you are done. Or you can keep the paper stencil lining in the Doodle for extra support.

Cut out stencil A along the dotted lines. Starting at one long side of the rounded triangle, roll your paper into a cone shape. Use tape to secure the seam. Your alicorn should be starting to look like a real unicorn horn now!

3 Doodle the horn!

Beginning at the top of the cone shape, use your 3D pen and plastics to Doodle around the top of the paper horn. Work your way down the horn until you reach the bottom.

You can choose to keep the plastic-lined paper under your Doodle as a reinforcement, or slide the paper out of the cone-shaped Doodle after it has hardened -- it’s up to you!

Tip: You can stuff some recycled scrap paper into your horn to hold the structure of the cone in place as you Doodle. Just don't forget to take it out when you are done!

4 Doodle Stencil B (the ears)

Now that you've Doodled your alicorn, it's time to move onto completing the look by Doodling your unicorn ears.

5 Use your imagination to make it bigger!

What will your unicorn horn look like? Will it be sparkly? Rainbow-colored? Pastel? Will it include flowers? Squiggly lines? Something else? Use your 3Doodler Pen to add on to your Doodle. In this tutorial, we used Mod Podge Sparkle to add flare to the alicorn.

6 Attach your completed horn and ears to a headband

After you’ve finished creating your special unicorn horn and ears, it’s time to secure them to your headband. You can use a few dots of 3Doodler plastic to affix the horn and ears to your headband, and then to reinforce them with additional plastic.

What does your unicorn horn look like? Check out this blog post for more ideas -- and don't forget to share your project on social media and tag us: @3Doodler #3Doodler #WhatWillYouCreate

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