Create Your Own Superhero Mask

Over the past year, we’ve heard a lot about the importance of masks in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), masks are an important way that we can protect people from potentially contracting the coronavirus.   While a typical superhero mask will not protect you from disease like a cloth face covering, masks do help many superheroes keep their identity a secret. As a result, this protects their friends and family from potential danger. Today we’re going to work together to create our own superhero masks.   What will your mask look like, and how will it represent your superpowers? Check out this blog post  to learn more about how your superhero costume can emphasize your superpowers -- and don't forget to share your project on social media and tag us: @3Doodler #3Doodler #WhatWillYouCreate
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1 Gather your supplies

Creating your own superhero mask is relatively straightforward. Download our free stencil (or draw one of your own) and make sure you have your 3Doodler Create+ Pen, plastic, and DoodlePad at the ready.

2 Doodle your mask

Trace the stencil using your 3Doodler Create+ pen. Here, we used common superhero colors (red, blue, yellow), but feel free to choose colors that best represent your unique personality and your own superpowers. While the stencil includes a star to help decorate your mask, you can replace that Doodle with a different image, or embellish as you’d like.

3 Add your own flair

After you have completely traced the outline of your mask, and colored in the foundation, embellish the design. Use alternate plastic colors to create contrast, or Doodle images and designs on the surface of the mask. Remember: this mask represents your superpowers -- make sure they shine through.

4 Attach the elastic

Once it has completely hardened, carefully peel the Doodle of your mask off of the stencil. Firmly attach your long elastic to the holes on either side of the mask.

5 Create a superhero icon

Also included on the free stencil is an example of a superhero icon. Use your 3Doodler Create+ Pen to trace the badge using similar colors to those you used to create your mask.

Close-up: 3D pen art cake with sticks design

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