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A Thanksgiving Cornucopia

  • 45 Minutes
  • Intermediate
Happy Thanksgiving. During this time of thankfulness, and the gathering of loved ones, Doodle yourself a new festive centerpiece. Cornucopias were seen at the first Thanksgiving with the pilgrims. They are symbols of an abundant harvest and are often seen overflowing with fruit and vegetables.
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1 Assemble your materials!

For this project, you will need the free stencil, a 3Doodler pen, tape, and 3Doodler plastic. We recommend using the 3Doodler Wood Plastic (Natural) for an authentic wood look.

2 Get The Stencil Ready

Print out the free stencil and add clear tape on top of the pattern. This will allow you to Doodle directly on the stencil and then remove your Doodle with relative ease.

3 Doodle the Stencil

Doodle the stencil carefully so that you are left with one big spiral that stays in one piece. Then carefully remove your Doodle from the stencil.

4 Start Building your Cornucopia

Starting on the outside of the spiral, start filling in the gaps. You'll want to create depth between the spiral by pulling up on the edges. Start on the outside and work your way in. As you go you'll start to create a three-dimensional cone that forms the shape of the Cornucopia.

5 Create the Unique Shape

As you move inward you also move upward. Separate the spirals by pulling upwards in the middle. As seen in the gif move in a straight line up one side of your Cornucopia. This will help form the classic curved cone of the basket.
Remember to move quickly but smoothly and the plastic will cool within a couple of seconds of being extruded.

6 Add Any Finishing Touches

Finish up Doodling the outside of the Cornucopia filling in any open areas with plastic. By the time you are finished, it should look like a full-on basket.Fill with fruit and veggies and put it on display!

Close-up: 3D pen art cake with sticks design

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