Close-up of soccer ball on green field - 3D pen art | 3D Pen Tutorial

Design a Soccer Ball!

  • 60 Minutes
  • Intermediate
Follow this tutorial to doodle your own soccer ball. Go with the more traditional black and white, or mix it up with color combinations of your design!
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1 Assemble your materials!

Gather together your pen, plastic, DoodlePad, and the soccer ball stencil.

2 Create two sides of the ball.

Use the stencil to create each side of the soccer ball. Trace the outline of the stencil. Then, fill in each hexagon will plastic filament. Repeat this step.

3 Connect and shape each side.

Remove the shape from the DoodlePad. Using plastic filament, connect the ball in 3 places. Shape the doodled side into a half circle as you go. Repeat this step with the other half.

4 Connect the sides together.

Take both sides of the soccer ball and doodle the pieces together to form a ball shape.

5 Finish the soccer ball.

Using a contrasting color, trace the outline of each open space on the ball. Fill in the space with more materials using a back and forth motion. Continue this step until each space is filled in. The soccer ball is done!

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