Two toy animals in standing pose – 3D pen art | 3D Pen Tutorial

Create an Alebrije!

  • 60 Minutes
  • Intermediate
Alebrijes are fantastical creatures that inspire the imagination. These colorful creations are a Mexican folk art tradition that combine the features of multiple animals with bright colors. Learn how to design one!
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1 Arrange your space!

Get your 3Doodler Start+ pen, plastic, the free stencil, and a DoodlePad. Find a clean area to work.

2 Trace the head.

Using your DoodlePad, trace out the head of the alebrije on the free stencil. Fill the oval with plastic and gently press your thumb to create the shape. Add more plastic to the outside of the oval. Repeat this step twice to create both sides of the head. Remove the pieces from the DoodlePad.

3 Create the head.

Now, you should have two completed ovals that will form the head. Add some plastic to doodle these pieces together.

4 Create the body.

Now, similar to the steps you took to create the head, create the body. First, trace the body shape. Use your thumb to gently press to round out the shape. Next, add more plastic to the outside of the body. Repeat this step twice. Remove the pieces of the body from the DoodlePad. Attach the body shapes together with more plastic.

5 Create the legs.

Now, trace the legs on your DoodlePad. To create a 3D shape for these pieces, press your pinky finger into the shape and mold it accordingly. Please note you will need 2 sets of legs or 4 total.

6 Create the tail.

Using your 3D pen with fresh plastic, create the tail. The process will be similar to the steps followed for the legs.

7 Time to assemble!

Place the head and the body on your DoodlePad. Hold the head in one hand, placing it near the body. With your other hand, use your 3D pen to attach the head to the body by adding plastic to connect them. Do the same with the tail.

8 Attach the legs.

Now, hold the body and one by one attach the legs using fresh plastic. The alejibre is taking shape!

9 Create and attach the ears.

Use the tail shape to create two (2) ears for your alejibre. Now, attach the ears to the head.

10 Time to decorate!

Now comes the fun part! Alejibres are colorful creatures. Choose a new plastic color and add details to the tail, body, legs, and face. Then, using white plastic create a round shape for the eyes. Once the white plastic is set, add a small amount of black plastic to create the pupil. Your alejibre is complete!

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