Doodle a Snowman

If you're stuck inside because of winter weather, here is the perfect project for you. Doodle a snowman and then go outside and make a real one!
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1 Assemble your materials!

Gather together your 3Doodler, plastic, a DoodlePad, and some tissue paper.

2 Form the Body

Take a piece of tissue paper and ball it up. Next, start Doodling around the outside of it. Once you have an round outer shell (with a large enough gap to remove the tissue paper still) go ahead and remove it and add more filament around the sphere to form a ball that's almost solid. Repeat this entire process one more time so you have two Doodled balls to help form the snowman's body.

3 Attach The Two Body Pieces Together

Once you've Doodled the two parts of the Snowman, it's time to add a little additional filament in between the two pieces and attach them together to form the traditional snowman shape.

4 Add a Scarf!

Using a different color filament, Doodle a scarf around the neck of your snowman. Once the neck of the scarf is Doodled, take your pen and Doodle and extend the scarf down the body so that it swoop down onto the lower body section. This should create a scarf-like shape.

5 Doodle a Top Hat

To add a top hat to your snowman you'll first want to take another piece of tissue and roll it up like a marker. Doodle around the tissue so that you have a ring that is about 1/2 an inch tall. Remove the tissue paper and fill in the top of the hat so you have the hat shape minus the brim. Using your DoodlePad, place your hat down and then Doodle a wide flat circle around the hat piece, as shown here, and then remove the hat as a whole piece with the brim attached.

6 Attach the Top Hat

After you have your top hat, firmly attach the hat to the top of your snowman using a little plastic on the underside of the brim.
You can use dots as shown below to add the eyes, mouth, and buttons to your snowman.

7 Finish up With a Carrot Nose

The final step is to add a carrot nose. Use your tissue paper to create a cone shape and using orange plastic Doodle a cone shape. Remove it from the tissue paper and using a little plastic attach it to the snowman's face.

Close-up: 3D pen art cake with sticks design

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