Wooden door wreath with red bow. | 3D Pen Tutorial

Holiday Wreath

  • 50 Minutes
  • Intermediate
Get in the spirit of the season with a creative project that brings a holiday touch to your home decor. Celebrate winter with a welcoming wreath that’s easy to customize and can dress up any door, wall, or cozy fireplace. Learn how to create your own Holiday Wreath with our easy step-by-step tutorial below!
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1 Doodle Your Leaves

Use the free stencil to Doodle the leaves you'll need to create the wreath. Make sure you create enough to have a full and luscious wreath.

2 Create the Base

Also using the free stencil Doodle a large circle for the base of the wreath.

3 Attach the Leaves

Using the "welding technique" attach the leaves to the circle base. Vary the angle at which you attach the leaves. THis will help create a natural-looking wreath.

4 Add Some Extra Special Decorations

Using white plastic, create some twirly spring shapes using some tightly rolled packing tape. For extra leverage, you can use a skewer. These decorations will add some extra cheer to your wreath.

Tip: For larger wreaths, you can use a pencil or pen as a mold.

5 Finishing Touches

Attach your spirals using the "welding technique" and add in some red dots (mimicking winter red berries) These additions will take your wreath to the next level with holiday cheer.

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