Although it may not feel like winter everywhere it's already December. Time for Santa to get his reindeer in order for his big flight. To help get prepared, we put together this guide so that you can Doodle your own reindeer and decorate your classroom or house just in time for the holidays!
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1 Assemble Your Materials!

Gather together your pen, plastic, DoodlePad, and the free reindeer stencil.

2 Trace The Stencil

Trace the stencil outline for the two sides of the reindeer body, and fill them in. You'll also want to trace and fill in the rectangle piece - which will be used to construct the body. Don't worry about the antlers just yet, we'll leave those for a later step.

3 Assemble The Reindeer Body

Combine the three Doodled body pieces together to create a 3D creature. Use the little rectangle piece to separate the two body pieces and then use your pen and filament to fill in the gaps.

4 Doodle The Antlers

Going back to the stencil, trace and fill in the antlers. After they have been Doodled and hardened, use the welding technique to attach them to the body of the reindeer.

5 Add Any Finishing Touches

Make one more pass over the deer to fill in any holes you might have missed before, or polish anything up that looks a little messy. You can also go back over where the antlers were attached to make sure they are firmly attached.

Close-up: 3D pen art cake with sticks design

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