Close-up of person's mask - 3D pen art in green and blue | 3D Pen Tutorial

Erica Gray’s “Swamp Thing”

  • 250 Minutes
  • Advanced
Be the coolest ghoul this season with our DIY "Swamp Thing" mask! Fashion designer and artist Erica Gray dreamt up this creature from the 3Doodler lagoon and made an easy-to-follow guide for you to make this eerie mask. We guarantee it's sure to turn heads!
Specifically designed for 3Doodler Create+ Logo PNG

1 Print and Prep the Pattern

A) Print the stencils out.

B) Tape it to your Create DoodlePad so you can Doodle over the stencil. The tape helps to ensure the stencil doesn't move under the DoodlePad.

2 Doodle the Mask!

Use ABS or PLA filaments in green and blue for your project.

Doodle the mask over the stencil. Once it is finished, pop it off of your DoodlePad. You can join the seams together temporarily with masking tape on the backside in order to hold it together while you Doodle over the seams on the front of the mask, which will hold the shape together. Once the seams are "welded" with melted plastic, you can remove the the masking tape from the backside.

3 Doodle the fins!

For the fins, you will tape the stencil to the back of the DoodlePad in the same way you did for the mask stencil. The pattern allows for the same quantity of fins for the left and right side of the face mask. You can always make and add more fins if you want to.

Once you have your fins, use extruded plastic to attach your fins to the mask.

4 Tie it up to finish!

Option 1: You can get two long pieces of string (these will serve as your ties to hold the mask on). Tie loops at either end, then you can Doodle the loop-ends onto the inside sides of the mask near your ears.

Option 2: Create a hole on each side of the mask and thread in some elastic, ribbon or twine as ties.

Close-up: 3D pen art cake with sticks design

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