Black cat mask & red lipstick 3D pen art depicting a woman wearing masks. | 3D Pen Tutorial

Erica’s Mesmerizing Masks

  • 80 Minutes
  • Intermediate
Dress up your costume game with some customizable head wear! Creating custom costumes and cosplay is a perfect time to let your Doodling go wild! What better way to push your imagination to the limits than with fantasy accessories that can fit with any genre? To create the perfect costume elements, we turned to resident fashion expert and Power Doodler Erica to give us an easy to follow guide that's sure to turn heads.

1 Start With The Stencil

Erica's Mask Template will get you started with some ideas for a creative concept! Lay your Doodle Pad on top, and you're ready to get Doodling.

Tip: Build up the layers around the edges to give your mask more structure.

2 The Doodle Is In The Detail

Fill in the decorative detail as you like. Use lines, squiggles, or contrasting shapes to give your mask personality!

3 Finishing Touches

Attach the two triangular pieces by the eyes by welding the bottom edges with Doodled plastic.

Tip: To create a more 3D effect, start by attaching the bottom tips of the triangles. Then pinch the wide section at the top gently to create a curve. Doodle along the edges to hold your shape in place.

4 Ready To Wear

Customize your design for your own cosplay and costume needs! Get creative with colors and shapes to make a mask that shows off your personality.

The only limit is your imagination!

Close-up: 3D pen art cake with sticks design

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