Hot-Air Balloon ?

Hot-air balloons are a great real-life STEM example. The combination of artistry and craftsmanship of the balloon mixed with the engineering and science required to get these massive vehicles off the ground is amazing. Take a minute and appreciate these balloons by Doodling your own. Although your 3Doodler crafted hot-air balloon may not fly away, you can still model your creation after how you would want your balloon to look if you had one.
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1 Assemble your materials!

Gather together your pen, Doodlepad, stencil, and plenty of plastic.

2 Create a Frame for the Balloon

Using the stencil trace the arch shape. We'll trace this shape x4 creating enough supports to hold up our ballon.

3 Connect the Balloon supports

Use the X in the middle of the stencil as a guide to evenly space the supports pieces. Once the support pieces have been lined up and connected we need to Doodle a circle to connect the loose ends and give our basket a place to attach.

4 Start Designing the Balloon

Now that the skeleton of the balloon is Doodled it's time to bring out your inner artist and craft the balloon itself. Start at the point where the support piece crisscrosses and start moving outwards.

5 Go Crazy with Colors!

Have fun with the colors and design of your balloon. Continue to Doodle the ballon until the support skeleton is completely covered with plastic.

6 Doodle the Basket and Fire

Using the stencil again Doodle the 4 sides of the balloon's basket. Once the sides have been connected fill in the bottom of the basket. Then using the stencil again Doodle the fire.

7 Add the Fire to the Basket

Finally, attach the "fire" to the basket. While holding the Doodled fire, with your hand, connect the fire to the basket with 4 lines of plastic and hold it steady until the plastic cool and firmly attaches. Next, repeat this process but attach the basket to the balloon as seen in the Gif.

Close-up: 3D pen art cake with sticks design

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