Blast off with this Rocketship Doodle

This is the perfect week to revisit our space history as we Doodle a rocketship. This stencil is featured in the Activity Guide that comes with the Start+ Essentials 3D printing pen. You can learn more about the Start+ here. And you can learn about our space race in this week's blog here.
Specifically designed for 3Doodler Start+ Logo PNG

1 Assemble your materials!

Print out the FREE stencil and gather your plastic and other materials prior to Doodling. This will allow you to streamline the entire Doodling process.

2 Build the body of the rocket

Start by Doodling the 4 pieces necessary to construct the body of the rocket ship. Then connect those pieces as shown.

3 Doodle the exterior

Fill in the walls of the rocket ship by Doodling around the exterior. Feel free to go over each wall several times. The more layers you add, the stronger it will be!

Pro tip: what a few seconds after Doodling so that the plastic can harden completely before applying another layer. This will allow you to cover more of the exterior as the plastic can now support itself because it has cooled.

4 Doodle the wing fins

Back to the stencil, Doodle the four wing fins.

5 Attach the wings to the rocket

Using the welding technique attach the wing fins to the outside of the rocket. Make sure to position them symmetrically around the base because these fins are what your rocket will balance on when complete.

6 Time to customize your rocket

Back on the stencil, Doodle the window circle. Using the welding technique attach the window to your rocket. You can also pick a new pop of color to use to Doodle the tip of your rocket. We picked blue for ours!

Then add some color where you please to help make your Doodled rocket ship your own.

Close-up: 3D pen art cake with sticks design

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