3D pen art: Power lines standing amidst grass in Transmission Town | 3D Pen Tutorial

STEM Challenge: Transmission Tower

  • Minutes
  • Beginner
Tackle this engineering design challenge by Doodling a Power Transmission Tower using our easy to follow stencil and step-by-step tutorial.
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1 Print the stencil and gather your materials

Print out our Transmission Tower stencil, and gather your supplies and materials including your Create+ Pen, Create+ filament, and Create+ DoodlePad (if you are using one).

2 Doodle the 8 individual pieces

Start by Doodling all eight individual pieces labeled A, B & C.

3 Connect the four C pieces to form the base of the tower

Take two of the four large tower legs (labeled C on the stencil) and connect them so that they make up half of the base of the tower. Protip: using the edge of a table can be helpful. Repeat this step with the remaining two C pieces.

4 A look at the base of the tower

The completed look of the base of the tower once you've connected all four of the bottom legs.

5 Connect pieces A & B together

Connect the A and B pieces together. Protip: using the edge of a table can be helpful. Repeat with the remaining two pieces.And then connect the two sections to complete the top of the tower.

6 Fully constructed top of the tower

Completed look of the top of the transmission tower.

7 Last step: connect the tips of the triangles

Connect the triangular "wings" by adding a bit of filament in between the tips and pressing them together.

8 Connect the base with the top of the tower

Connect the base section of the structure with the top section of the structure, and voila, you now have a fully built transmission tower!

Close-up: 3D pen art cake with sticks design

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