Two fish cookies on a blue surface - 3D pen art | 3D Pen Tutorial

Pisces Zodiac Symbol

  • 60 Minutes
  • Intermediate
Pisces is the twelfth sign of the zodiac for people born between February 19 and March 20. The astrological symbol is depicted by two fish swimming in opposite directions, which represents the division of attention between fantasy and reality. Create a pisces symbol in 3D with this tutorial and a simple stencil!
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1 Gather materials!

Be sure to find a clear working space. Get your 3D printing pen, strands of plastic, DoodlePad, and a printed copy of the free stencil.

2 Trace shapes A and B.

Using a single color of plastic, trace shape A and shape B on the stencil. As you trace the shape, be sure to fill in the shape vertical and horizontally.

3 Close the shape.

Now, add material to the opening in the shape and gently bend it. Repeat this step on the second shape too.

4 Connect the shapes.

Hold the shapes together along the longest side. Gradually, add filament in a straight line to doodle the shapes together. This will form the base of the fish.

5 Create the fins.

Add material to each side of the fish and gently bend the shape to represent a lateral fin.

6 Trace the tail.

Get the stencil and the DoodlePad. Trace the tail shape using the same technique you did for the sides.

7 Attach the tail.

Remove the tail shape from the stencil and attach it to the end of the fish shape with some more plastic.

8 Fill in the fish.

Now it's time to fill in the fish with additional plastic using a back and forth motion to cover open spaces.

9 Close the bottom.

Flip the fish shape upside down. With additional plastic, close the bottom of the fish using a back and forth motion. Flip the fish right side up and add two eyes with dots of plastic.

10 Time to decorate.

Use a contrasting color of plastic to add pops of color along the front, side, and fins of the fish.

11 Finish the face.

Finally, add a small dot of the same color from the previous step to each eye. The koi fish is done. Repeat all these steps to create a second fish and the pisces symbol will be complete.

Add the koi fish swimming in alternate directions to a frame or wooden circle to create a mixed media pisces design!

Close-up: 3D pen art cake with sticks design

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