Creepy Costume Ideas with Create+

Get crafty this Halloween with costume designs and accessories you create!

By making a costume or custom accessories, you’re able to create a scary, funny, or sweet Halloween personality to match your mood. Even better—there’s no need to rush out and splurge on expensive store-bought items when you have a 3D pen at home. Check out a few easy-to-make Halloween costume ideas!

Making a costume might seem overwhelming, but you’ll be surprised to see how easy it can be with these projects, step-by-step instructions, a 3Doodler Create+ 3D Pen and a variety of Create plastics.

Dress up as Erica Gray’s “Swamp Thing”

Be the coolest ghoul this season with our DIY “Swamp Thing” mask. Fashion designer and artist Erica Gray dreamt up this creature from the 3Doodler lagoon and made an easy-to-follow tutorial for you to make this eerie mask. We guarantee it’s sure to turn heads!

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Scary Halloween jewelry:

If you don’t want to go over-the-top with your costume, but want something that achieves that spooky effect in a subtle way, this slit-throat choker necklace is the perfect accessory.

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DIY Halloween headbands

Dress up as a magical unicorn, stand out from the crowd with bats flying above your head, or go for a classic horror scene look with these Halloween headbands.

Unicorn Headband

These ears and horn make a whimsical prop to complete your Halloween Unicorn costume. They would also make a wonderful party craft, or could even be handed out as party favors!

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  • Things you’ll need: 3Doodler Create+ pen, Halloween Headbands stencil, Create PLA plastic, paper, clear tape, headband.

  • Roll paper into the shape of the unicorn horns, then cover with clear tape.

  • Make the horn while spinning the paper cone using one hand and Doodling with the other. Add final details, then remove the Doodle from the cone.

  • Print the Unicorn ears stencil here, place a Create DoodlePad over the stencil, then Doodle over it using PLA plastic.

  • Attach the horn and the ears onto a headband.

Flying Bats Headband

This headband is fun, cool and festive – and it’s perfect for last minute Halloween DIY projects! You could even pair this with a witch hat for your flying bats to circle.

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Arrow Headband

Add some humor to your rustic Halloween look with this super easy and classic arrow through head prop!

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Spider Web

This project is perfect for the whole family! Simply print out the stencil in different sizes to make cobwebs for both kids and adults. There’s so many things you can do with it: you can attach the cobweb to your shirt, pin it in your hair, or even decorate corners of your house!

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If these costumes inspired you to create, be sure to take a photo of your creations and share them with us via on social media. Tag @3Doodler so we can see your work!

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All of these projects are made using the 3Doodler Create+ 3D printing pen.

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