Frightfully Fun K-8 Creations

Costumes can be frightful or fun and we’re all about lending a bit of 3D design to each and every one. Kids enjoy developing their own ideas for spooky, scary, or silly Halloween creativity, so encourage them to explore with a few projects to spark the imagination.

There’s something special about making a Halloween costume by hand, especially with a 3D pen. Explore our creepy crafts to ensure young learners can engineer their own costumes this October with tactile tech!

DIY Halloween Glasses

Nothing says Halloween more than pumpkins and ghosts! Use our free template and cover it in spooky colors and shapes for a fun accessory to wear this Halloween. This project takes about 30 minutes to complete, and it is completely customizable!

Download Stencil


Make a Sassy Cat Mask

With this project, you can use a blank mask as a base, or you can simply Doodle the stencil for your DIY Sassy Cat Mask. If you don’t use a blank mask as a base, you can attach a piece of elastic to the mask by Doodling each end to the side edges of the mask in order to hold it in place, or you can attach two pieces of string by Doodling them to the sides and then tie the mask behind your head to hold it in place.

Download Stencil

  • Things you’ll need: 3Doodler Start penCat stencil, Start DoodlePad, 3Doodler Start Plastic, String or Elastic, or a blank mask as a base

  • Print out the cat stencil here, or draw your own cat mask design.

  • Place a Start DoodlePad over your stencil, then Doodle over it.

  • If using a mask base, Doodle to attach the pieces onto the Mask Base.

  • If using string or elastic, attach them to the sides of the mask with extruded plastic

  • Add final details, and put on your Mask to transform into your feline Halloween character!

Creepy Crawly Pins Project

Add a hint of Halloween flair with these frightful designs. Decorate a plain t-shirt or hat with creepy spiders, cockroaches and other scary bugs.

Download Stencil


We can’t wait to see your creepy crawly creations. Be sure to take photos of your Doodles and share them with our community on social media. Trick or tweet us, and be sure to tag us so we can see your Halloween crafts!

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