Four Kids Halloween Costume Ideas Made With A 3D Pen

There’s something special about making your own Halloween costume. It’s unique to you, and can lead to lifelong family memories of creating costumes instead of purchasing store-made ones. With the 3Doodler Start, kids and parents alike can create 3D printed Halloween costumes, accessories, decor and even creepy crawlers that move across the room! Who doesn’t love a little tech with their creations?

DIY Halloween Glasses

Nothing says Halloween more than orange, black and white! Take the Make Your Own Eyeglasses Activity Kit and cover it in Halloween colors, for a fun accessory to wear for Trick or Treat! This project takes less than 30 minutes to complete, and is completely customizable!

Download Stencil


Make a Sassy Cat Mask

This project uses the Make Your Own Mask Activity Kit to DIY a Sassy Cat Mask for kids, but who says adults can’t do the same?

Download Stencil

  • Things you’ll need: 3Doodler Start pen, Make Your Own Mask Activity Kit, Cat stencil, Start DoodlePad, 3Doodler Start Plastic.

  • Print out the cat stencil here, or draw your own mask design.

  • Place a Start DoodlePad over your stencil, then Doodle over it. over your stencil, then Doodle over it.

  • Doodle to attach the pieces onto the Mask Base.

  • Add final details, and put on your Mask to transform into your Halloween character!

Creepy Crawly Pins Craft Project

If you don’t want to dress up but would still like a hint of Halloween flair, this project is perfect for you! Decorate your plain t-shirt or hat with creepy spiders, cockroaches and other scary bugs.

Download Stencil


DIY The Powerpuff Girls™ Costume

If you’re up for a more ambitious craft project, challenge yourself to make this Powerpuff Girls head, or any character head of your liking!

  • Things you’ll need: 3Doodler Start pen, a bowl, 3Doodler Start Plastic, a marker pen.

  • Find a bowl that fits over your head, a big salad bowl or a goldfish bowl might work.

  • Draw a line down the middle using a Marker pen.

  • Doodle onto one half of the bowl to form the shape of the head. Make extended parts for areas like the hair and other accessories your character may wear.

  • Remove the Doodle carefully from the bowl.

  • Then Doodle the other half repeating step 3 – 4.

  • Doodle to join both halves of the head.

If these costumes inspired you, be sure to take a photo and share your creations with us via Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Tag @3Doodler so we can see your work!

All of these projects are made using the 3Doodler Start pen and 3Doodler Start Plastic.

Happy Doodling!

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