Tabletop 3D pen art with a group of people.

Favorite STEM Tweets of the 2018-19 School Year

It is with much gratitude that we take a moment to thank you for another great school year with 3Doodler EDU.

We are very excited to share some of our favorite STEM tweets from the 2018-2019 academic year with you.

From technology and engineering, to math and science, it is so wonderful to see your classroom bloom through STEM.

Did your favorite STEM tweet not make the list?
@BIS_library students have some fun with EdTech in their new maker space.

This @pmsmakerspace student made a model of Captain America’s shield!

@JillMoniqueEdu’s students lift Georgia’s coastline off of the map through creating 3D models of the southern state’s lighthouses.

@mrjonesteaches guides 7th graders in building 3D structures with the Create+.

@NJBarbieri’s 2nd grade classroom sees if dune fences lessen erosion through an innovative experiment.

Here are @MrsBecknauld’s students hard at work making atlases in Geography class.

STEM students love the focused fun of creating rollercoasters in @RahRahReading’s library!

The students of @D83Spartans engineer their own corner bookmarks in STEM club.

@clasurdo’s maker space students engineer models of monumental inventions.

@siencmatters has her students create a new species with adaptations that suit their environment.

@MelissaKempski’s classroom investigates perspective with 3D pens.

@kippdohm’s students lift their code off of the screen with 3D pens.

Share your favorite posts with us on social media because we are all about STEM in the classroom.

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@BIS_library students have some fun with EdTech in their new maker space.

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