White & blue 3Doodler rocket ship art with red tail

Rocket Launch your Independence Day with our STEM Activity

How can you bring some lively learning to your 4th of July festivities?

We have just what you need to bring some focused fun and critical thinking to the holiday.

STEM explorers will become “rocket scientists” with our Doodle Rocket experiment. Check out the materials list, step-by-step instructions, and critical thinking questions below.

STEM Rocket Materials List

    • Safety Goggles
    • 1 3Doodler Start or 3Doodler Create+
    • 3Doodler Plastics (Eco-Plastic for Start, ABS or PLA for the Create+)
    • 1 Doodle Rocket Fins/Nose Cone Template
    • 1 Film Canister (or more for repeat trials)
    • 1 Box of antacid tablets
    • Cup of Water
    • 1 Teaspoon (for measuring)
    • Glue Gun*

*Please ask for an adult to assist. Follow the glue gun’s instructions and take note of the warnings.


  1. Doodle fins and a nose cone for your Doodle Rocket. (For the nose cone, take a piece of scrap paper and roll it to make a cone. Tape it to stay in place and Doodle over your cone shape. For the fins, you can draw a right angled triangle and trace it with your 3Doodler.)
  2. Affix the Doodled pieces to your film canister with glue and let dry completely.
  3. Go outside with the Doodle Rocket and lid, and put your safety goggles on. (Ensure you are 12 feet away from lightbulbs, breakables, and bystanders.)
  4. Break the antacid tablet in half. (You can alter the size of the antacid tablet in repeat trials.)
  5. Add 1 tsp/5ml of water into the film canister.
  6. Quickly place the antacid tablet into the canister and put the lid on.
  7. Swiftly place the film canister on the ground with the cap side down.
  8. Speedily step back 7 feet or more, then turn and face the rocket.
  9. In approximately 8-12 seconds your Doodle Rocket will launch.
  10. IMPORTANT: If it doesn’t launch, wait 60 seconds before approaching the rocket to examine it.

Make it an Experiment with these Critical Thinking Questions

  1. Can you hypothesize how the Doodle Rocket works? (Answer at the bottom)
  2. Does the size of the antacid tablet piece impact the time it takes for the rocket to launch?
  3. Does the amount of water in the canister influence the launch time?
  4. Does the amount of water in the canister impact the height the rocket reaches?
  5. Can the direction of the Doodle Rocket’s launch be influenced by the shape of the Doodled fins and nose cone? Doodle some alternative shapes for your fins and cone to test this theory.
  6. How is this Doodle Rocket similar to a NASA rocket taking off? How is it different?

We want to see pictures and videos of your Doodle Rockets!

Let us know how you enjoyed this experiment by sharing on social media.

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SAFETY FIRST: While the Doodle Rocket will not produce explosions like a space shuttle, the film canister will shoot off with force and liquid will gush out. Wear eye protection and do not aim the rocket at anyone or anything. Failure to follow these instructions could result in harm to you or to bystanders.

How does the Doodle Rocket work?

Answer: As the water dissolves the antacid tablet, carbon dioxide is released and pressure is created inside the film canister. As more and more gas is released, pressure builds up until the cap is separated from the canister body.

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