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New K-8 Back To School Lesson Plans for Teachers

Busy planning ahead for the school year? We’ve prepared something to help you out!

We’ve added tons of new Lesson Plans for elementary school level all the way up to grade 8, specially designed for use with the 3Doodler Start. These teaching resources are perfect for STEM classes, and some are so fun you could even use them as a first day of school activity! You can print them out to use in your class or for a project at home. All lesson plans are accompanied by presentation slides, reference images, and worksheets that you can use during your lesson.

Here are a few STEM lesson plans that we’ve handpicked for you. To see the full collection, click here.

Doodle-Trees and the Four Seasons

Recommended grades: K-2
Learn about: Seasons and changes in nature
Overview: Students will Doodle on four tree branches to create models of the four seasons. This is a fun STEM-focused educational activity that includes a short walk outside for students to collect branches. It also introduces students to the cycles of nature and gives them a strong visual representation of the changes in the trees and foliage throughout the seasons.

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Blue and red wire 3D pen ball art, Easthcore

Earth’s Structure & Beyond!

Recommended grades: 3-5
Learn about: Different internal structures of planets
Overview: Students will research our solar system and Doodle cross-sectional 3D models of the planets. They will learn about the makeup of the different layers and compare and contrast the likenesses and differences between the planets. Students will then assemble the planets into a solar system display of their own.

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Wobblehead, clown toy with hat – 3D pen art.


Recommended grades: 6-8
Learn about: Research methods and design experimentation for a functional Wobblehead
Overview: This activity involves researching a historic figure and incorporating five of their characteristics into the design of a 3D wobblehead! Students will learn about exaggerating an individual’s most notable physical characteristics (similar to a caricature), and will be challenged to design a working Wobblehead by experimenting with Doodled springs, dowels, and more.

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See the full collection of K-8 Lesson Plans

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