3D pen art: Hand holding three miniature cats.

Celebrating National Dog Day with Furry 3D Pen Figurines

Celebrate National Dog Day on August 26th by giving your four-legged pal a hug and a kiss, and by Doodling a mini version of them!

This special day, founded in 2004 by Animal Advocate Colleen Paige, recognizes rescue dogs and the positive role all dogs play in people’s lives both at work and at home. Read more about National Dog Day here. Psst…we also love this day because it gives us an excuse to talk about our dogs a little bit more…

How to celebrate National Dog Day?

Every day is bring-your-dog-to-work day at 3Doodler. Our dogs give us random kisses, remind us to take a break once in a while, and make us smile – it’s a real treat to have them around. We made these Doodles, sculptures, and accessories to toast our four-legged friends. How will you celebrate? Perhaps these 3D art pieces will inspire you to make something for your pooch.

Meet the dogs of 3Doodler…

Hepburn and Theodore

Hep and Theo hated each other when they first met. Hep peed in all of Theo’s favorite places around the house. He’s a fraction of Theo’s size but thinks he’s twice as big. They’re now best of friends/true bros. These two 3D pen figurines were made using the 3Doodler PRO pen and ABS filament for the base structures, then layered with Bronze and Copper filaments for the fur details.


Ophelia has many titles that have been bestowed upon her over the years: Ophelia Rubenstein Bogue, Empress of the East Village, Queen of Newtonville, Ambassador to West Newton, Sultana of Sutton Place (Honorary). Ophelia’s 3D portrait was made using the 3Doodler Create+ and PLA filament.


PJ is a Shikoku mongrel named after rock legend PJ Harvey. While also known as ‘Jimjams’, ‘Pyjama Pants’ and ‘#PollyJeanTheMongrelQueen’, her many names are only a fraction as playful as she is. PJ loves hugs, beaches & buffalo (most of which don’t want to play) and has an unfortunate disdain for cute puppies. These 3D pen figurines were made using the 3Doodler Create+ and PLA and ABS filament.

Bailey and Brandy

Everyone thinks they’re blood sisters but they’re not related, though they do go everywhere and do everything together (double trouble). They might look small but they have massive personalities and hearts. Bailey and Brandy’s figurines were made using the 3Doodler Create+ and PLA filament.

Check out close up photos of these Doodles on Instagram!

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