Close-up of 3D pen art with various designs on yellow background.

Our Most Popular STEM Lesson Plans

If you’re finding it challenging to pick the best activities for your class, here are a few of our most downloaded lesson plans for inspiration. These lesson plans are designed for elementary through middle school, and combine the use of educational technology and STEM to engage students in fun, hands-on learning activities.

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Geometric Shapes & Tessellations

Recommended grades: 3 – 5
Learn about: Geometric shapes and problem solving through design
Overview: Students will design a simple tessellation for a 3D shape such as a cube, a cylinder, or a cone using 2D templates. Students will enjoy seeing their 3D shape come together, and will even be able to use it as a functional item, such as a pen holder!

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Stunning 3D pen sunflower and kite string art with Fibbonanci inspiration

Fibonacci Spiders

Recommended grades: 3-5
Learn about: Fibonacci numbers and patterns in nature
Overview: Students will learn what a fibonacci sequence is, then discuss how it’s present in the patterns in nature. Students will observe how the sequence affects the structure of a spider’s web, and then Doodle their own spider’s web in order to visualise their learnings in a 3D object.

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Geometric Collage Maker

Recommended grades: K-2
Learn about: Geometric shapes, how to calculate area and perimeter
Overview: In this lesson, students will have fun creating outlines for a collage of geometric shapes with the 3Doodler. They will then use crayon rubbings over their outlines in order to create a colorful piece of art.

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Construct a 3Doodler City

Recommended grades: 6 – 8
Learn about: City planning, geometry, area and perimeter calculations
Overview: Students will identify the structures that make up a city (e.g. roads, buildings, bridges), and then analyze the way in which these structures are composed of lines and geometric shapes. Students will design 2D shapes and then Doodle over them to construct their own 3D structures. Each group will design one part of a city, then collaborate to form a whole city. This real-world, hands-on project combines math, problem solving, collaboration and technology.

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