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3D Nutcracker

  • 45 Minutes
  • Intermediate
Celebrate a holiday classic and bring your own Nutcracker to life with a 3D printing pen and filament!
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What You'll Need

1 Gather materials!

Get your 3Doodler Create+ 3D pen, filament, and paper towel.

2 Form the body.

Take the paper towel and bunch it up to form an oval. Using the Create+ place trace around the paper towel. And, then using an up and down motion fill in the shape. Pull the paper towel out.

3 Close the bottom of the oval.

Take the oval shape you just created and slowly fill the bottom using an up and down motion. Gently press the area to make a curve in the shape.

4 Create the arms.

Take the paper towel and twist it to form a thin cylinder. Use filament to trace around the paper towel. Take the paper towel out and fill in the shape tracing up and down. This will be an arm. Repeat this step to create another arm.

5 Create the hands.

Create a small ball and trace around it. Gently mold it as you finish. Add filament to the arm and attach the hand. Repeat this step to create the second hand.

6 Form the head.

Create a ball with the paper towel. Trace around the ball several times and fill in the shape.

7 Create the hat.

Trace a cylinder shape using black filament around the paper towel. Remove the cylinder and attach it to the head. Now fill in the top.

8 Add detail to the face.

Gently add a mustache and eyes to the face of the nutcracker.

9 Attach the pieces.

Attach the head to the body and the arms to body.

10 Time to decorate.

Using gold filament trace around the rim of the hat. Add detail to the shoulders, arms, and chest. Your nutcracker is taking shape!

11 Final detail.

Using black filament add the final detail to the chest and create a belt.

12 Create the base.

Last step is to create a base or legs. Using the paper towel method, create a cylinder by circling around several times and filling it in top to bottom. Remove the shape from the paper towel and attach it to the bottom of the nutcracker. Your nutcracker is done!

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