Doodle a 3D Paper Airplane

Let your creativity “take flight” with these instructions for creating the most amazing 3D paper airplane. Learn what you can do with only a piece of paper and your 3Doodler pen and plastic. If you want to check out the blog where we talk in more details about paper airplanes, check it out here. Share what you came up with @3Doodler #3Doodler #WhatWillYouCreate.
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What You'll Need

1 Assemble your materials!

In addition to your 3Doodler pen and plastics, you’ll need a piece of plain white paper -- easy-peasy!

2 Fold a paper airplane.

There are so many great resources available on how to fold the best paper airplane. We love this video from SciShow Kids, which provides the following instructions:

  • Grab a piece of paper.

  • Fold it in half, the long way, then unfold it and lay it flat.

  • Fold-down the top two corners of the paper so they reach all the way to the fold you just made in the middle.

  • Find the outer corner of each triangle and pull the triangle over so that the corner touches the middle fold, too.

  • Close up your paper and flip it over.

  • Fold-down each side, halfway, to make wings.

Follow the directions in the video to see this process in action, and to learn more about paper airplanes! Or, if you’d prefer more hands-on directions, the Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum has an awesome paper airplane blueprint that you can print out to help you fold your own.

3 Trace the folds of your airplane.

Using your 3Doodler Create Pen, trace the folds of your paper to make an outline of the airplane. Fill in the outline you’ve created with additional Doodles (lines, shapes, etc.) to help stabilize the aircraft and keep it together.

4 Separate the paper from the Doodle.

You can keep the folded paper inside of the Doodle for stability, then decorate with additional Doodles or decals of your choice. Or, you can take this project to the next level by carefully removing the paper after your Doodle has fully hardened -- forming a freestanding paper airplane structure from your plastics.

5 Touch up your lines.

If you do decide to remove the folded paper, use your 3D pen and plastic to reinforce the outline you created and fill in any gaps that may be left behind.

6 Fly away!

You did it! You created your own 3D airplane! You can try to fly it, hang it from a piece of thread to decorate your room or display it proudly anywhere else. The sky’s the limit!

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