Perfect Pinecones

How perfect are these pinecones designed by the amazing Grace Du Prez? Try making your own Thanksgiving Doodle or Christmas Doodle with some easy stencils and a unique stacking technique. Attach them to a hoop to make a delightful holiday door wreath or display a few in a bowl all year round.
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What You'll Need

1 Start With The Stencil

Print out the Perfect Pinecone Stencil. Start by covering it with tape or a DoodlePad®.

2 Do The Doodling

Doodle the individual petal shaped pieces and peel them off after they've dried.

3 Make The Tip

Combine 3 small petals into a triangular shape. This will be the tip of the pinecone.

4 Play Ball

Cut the floral shaped stencil pieces out and tape them around a tennis ball.

5 Fill It Up

Outline and fill in each shape. Repeat with all the different sized pieces.

6 Lay'em Out

Lay out your Doodled pieces and sort them by size. Make sure you have them all!

7 Start From The Bottom

Start assembling by stacking the smallest pair of floral shaped pieces and Dooodling them together.

8 Stack'em Up

Repeat the same technique with the larger pieces. Work yourself up to the largest, then back down again to the smallest.

9 To The Top

End with the triangular tip that you created at Step 3 and you've got your pinecone!

10 Zip It

Slip a zip into the petal shapes and attach it to the hoop.

11 Snip & Flip

Cut the end of the zip tie and make sure its attached tightly.

12 The Pinnacle of Pines!

Repeat all the steps above to create a beautiful Thanksgiving or Christmas wreath that will impress all your neighbours and friends!