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Desktop Catapult

  • Minutes
  • Beginner
Watch your head, things are about to be flying. This week we put together a fun desktop Catapult project. This simple STEAM activity is perfect for any age group as it's easy to get as sophisticated as you want while building it.  Whether you're looking for a fun classroom activity or an at-home project - come celebrate STEAM Day with us.
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1 Assemble your materials!

Gather your 3Doodler pen, some plastic, and download / print out the stencil!

2 Doodle the structure

Use the stencil and DoodlePad to Doodle the base and arm of the catapult.

Go over the stencil a couple of times to layer filament, making it extra sturdy and ready to fire!

3 Assemble Your Catapult

Attach the base pieces together to create a sturdy structure. Then attach the arm of the catapult to the front of the structure. We attach it to the front so it creates the most torque when pulled back.

4 Doodle a Ball And Start Practicing

It's time to Doodle a small ball for your catapult to fire off. Start by extruding a small blob onto your DoodlePad and then use your fingers to roll and shape the plastic into a ball. Then, start practicing!

Close-up: 3D pen art cake with sticks design

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