Barbie doll with backpack & purse on a 3D pen strands background. | 3D Pen Tutorial

Doll Purse

  • 30 Minutes
  • Beginner
Create doll purse or other stylish fashion accessories for Barbie with our easy-to-follow tutorial and a 3D pen. Learn how to design a colorful purse and add details to create a custom look!
Specifically designed for 3Doodler Create+ Logo PNG

1 Get your supplies!

Gather your 3Doodler Create+ pen, plastic strands, DoodlePad and stencil. Find a clean work space to set up.

2 Trace the sides of the purse.

Trace a side of the purse on the stencil and fill it in with smooth even lines. Repeat this step with the other side.

3 Create the strap.

Trace the strap on the stencil. Gently bend it to form the shape of the purse strap.

4 Attach the strap.

Hold the strap near the top of the purse and attach it using some plastic. Do the same with the other side of the purse.

5 Connect the sides.

Now, using more plastic, fill in the sides and bottom of the purse.

6 Done!

Complete the look by putting the purse on Barbie's shoulder. It looks amazing!

Close-up: 3D pen art cake with sticks design

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